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Our Philosophy of Care

We provide one to one, private and personalised midwifery care for women across Yorkshire, during pregnancy, birth and beyond. We are passionate about forming close relationships with the women in our care, thus leading to improved safety and satisfaction outcomes. We respect your choices, preferences and individuality and aim to leave you feeling positive and empowered.

What is an Independent Midwife?

An independent midwife is on call for the women she cares for 24/7, from the beginning of pregnancy until 6 weeks after their birth offering evidence-based, individualised care throughout. Antenatal appointments usually take place in a woman’s own home, are unhurried and allow for all aspects of physical and emotional wellbeing to be supported.

Although there can be no guarantees in birth, choosing an independent midwife as your caregiver does increase your chances of a ‘normal’ physiological birth and independent midwives have become very experienced in areas of childbirth that within the NHS are usually dealt with by obstetric management including Breech, Twins and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC).


Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Midwives

Sarah Flower
Sarah FlowerIndependent Midwife
I am an Independent Midwife working in and around Leeds. I am passionate about caseloading midwifery and aim is to make your transition towards a growing family magical. I am also a qualified baby wearing consultant, massage therapist and baby massage instructor.
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Pip Harper
Pip HarperIndependent Midwife
Hello, I’m Pip. I’m an Independent Midwife working to offer one to one, individualised and compassionate care to women across North and West Yorkshire. I love supporting women and families to experience a positive and empowering pregnancy & birth. I also work part-time for the NHS.
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* All listed midwives work on a self employed basis. You will have one midwife who provides the majority of your care and a second midwife allocated to provide backup.

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