Full Package of Private Midwifery Care

Full Package of Private Midwifery Care

We will provide your antenatal appointments at home, at times to suit you (evenings and weekends aren’t a problem). Full NHS antenatal screening available, including blood tests and scans.

Birth debriefing to discuss your previous birth experiences (if applicable) and birth planning to prepare for the birth you want this time.

On call for your labour and birth.  Support wherever you choose to birth your baby (homebirth – we will provide your midwifery care, hospital birth – one of us will accompany you as birth partner to the hospital of your choice).

Postnatal appointments in your home at times that are convenient for you as a family for at least 6 weeks (starting daily, becoming less frequent over the weeks following your birth according to what you need).

Access to all of the NHS newborn screening for new babies. We offer the newborn blood spot (heel prick) test at home and aim to provide the Newborn Physical Examination at home with the support of local colleagues.

Please contact us and we can build a package of care that is perfect for you.

Before booking with us, we suggest meeting for an initial consultation where we will explore your needs and expectations to make sure we are the right midwives for you.  This is priced at £75 and is refunded off the cost of a package of care if you choose to book with us.

Contact us for more information and pricing
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