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Hello, I’m Pip. I’m a registered midwife currently working independently to offer one to one, individualised and compassionate care to women. I also work on a part time basis for the NHS.

I have experienced the joy of being looked after by an Independent Midwife first-hand, when I had my son last year. The care I received had a profound effect on me, as both a mother and a midwife. As a result, I strongly feel that all women deserve to be cared for in a nurturing, personalised and positive way.  Working independently allows me to provide women with a level of care that unfortunately often cannot be matched in the NHS system due to time, financial or staffing constraints.

I love helping women see what they are capable of.  Too often, women do not believe they are capable of birthing their babies.  The system makes them believe that they are too old, too heavy, too overdue, too complicated, too risky.  I am passionate about helping women see that they do not have to be defined by these labels and actually, they were designed to make, grow and birth their babies. Some women may need more support to do so safely than others, but they are just as capable.

I have an interest in supporting women to overcome previous birth trauma and to feel positive about subsequent pregnancies and births.  I’m also keen to help women navigate the NHS system by providing one off consultations to discuss specific concerns and enable them to understand the evidence behind national maternity guidelines thus empowering them to make fully informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth.

You can contact me in the following ways:

Facebook: White Rose Midwives

Instagram: pipharper_im

* All midwives work on a self employed basis. You will have one midwife who provides the majority of your care and a second midwife allocated to provide backup.

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