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My aim is to make your transition towards a growing family magical. I want to help you realise what you are capable of and leave you with positivity about your pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience. I am passionate about truly individualised care where you feel in control even if your journey is not as you originally planned.

I LOVE my job, caseloading midwifery is such an amazing way to work and I couldn’t go back to another model after all this time practising in this way.

This year (March 2019) it’s five years since I left the NHS and became an Independent Midwife (prior to that I worked as an NHS Midwife in the North East and then as a bank Midwife across three NHS trusts in Yorkshire). After a few months and three births I got a job with One to One Midwives as a caseloading midwife which was amazing! After a year, 33 homebirths, 8 hospital births, hundreds of antenatal and postnatal appointments for those same women and many antenatal classes, unfortunately the Yorkshire team had to be disbanded. I had eight months of maternity leave and then set up properly as an Independent Midwife.

More recently I have discovered a love of teaching and regularly speak at a number of Universities and conferences for student midwives, registered midwives as well as an international conference for midwives around the world. In late 2018 I began studying for a Masters in Midwifery, incorporating a post graduate teaching qualification. I am enjoying combining my clinical Midwifery role with teaching and supporting student midwives during their training.

I have three children who keep my life full of noise and smiles. I am also a qualified baby wearing consultant, massage therapist and baby massage instructor.

You can contact me in the following ways:
Instagram: sarahflower_im
* All midwives work on a self employed basis. You will have one midwife who provides the majority of your care and a second midwife allocated to provide backup.
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